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Wine lovers talk about “terroir” — the distinct flavors imparted to regional wines by the Earth where the grapes have been grown. And a terroir of its own is absolutely what makes Starkey Spring Water so uniquely delicious. But there are other things imparted by the Earth to Starkey Spring Water that make it beneficial to your health and well-being as well. Here’s how:

Deep Springs. Deeper History.
The Starkey geothermal spring, nestled in the Imnaha Basalt of southwest Idaho, is more than two miles deep. Basalt is a type of rock formed by the rapid cooling of magnesium and iron-rich lava (yes, there were volcanos in Idaho, once upon a time — hard to imagine, isn’t it?). The Imnaha geological formation is named for the prevalence of this rock, with its naturally high mineral composition.

The Starkey Spring is a geothermal spring: which means it’s fed by cold rain and snow that infiltrates deep through the surface, and then is warmed by heat in the Earth’s interior. And as the water is heated, the thermal spring water is pushed back up through the fissures in the basalt that not only protects its quality, but also naturally imparts a beneficial alkaline pH from deep below the beautiful Idaho mountains.

pH, and Where It Comes From
The pH level of water tells you how acidic or basic it is, measured on a scale of 0 to 14. Most drinking water has a pH of 7.0, which is considered neutral. Starkey has a gently high pH of 9.2. It naturally emerges from the source at this level and is not man-made. This is what makes Starkey water so special — the pH is not manufactured with an ionizer or from the addition of pH drops or another solution. It’s derived from the interaction between the water and the rocky surface of the aquafer it resides in. The unique mineral composition of the volcanic rock in the aquafer along with the aquafer’s age (11,000 years old) have given Starkey Spring Water it’s exceptional characteristics — most notably, it’s alkalinity.

Starkey Spring Water is all the things you want bottled water to be. A mountain spring water, natural spring water, geothermal spring water, and natural alkaline water. Always deliciously vibrant, clear, restorative and refreshing.