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There are a lot of things we love about Starkey Spring Water. It comes from an ancient geothermal spring located right here in the United States in the Imnaha Basalt of Southwest Idaho. The spring is more than two miles deep, and the water is naturally filtered through mineral-rich rock and protected from pollutants. That process imparts a gently high pH that gives the water a clean, refreshing flavor.

That distinct taste is better protected when packaged in glass containers, and that’s one of the reasons for our signature glass bottle. Glass has numerous other perks, as well. Here are just a few:

Environmentally Sound
Made from all-natural, sustainable materials, glass is not only 100% recyclable, it can be recycled endlessly. Glass can be repeatedly made into new bottles, jars, glasses or vases without losing any of its intrinsic purity. Thus, the more recycled glass we use, the fewer raw materials from the Earth we’ll continue to consume.

Taste & Quality
Plastic, aluminum and waxed carton containers definitely have their benefits: they’re lighter, more portable and less fragile than glass. But when it comes to offering the cleanest, most unadulterated flavor, they cannot compete. Because unlike those other containers, glass itself has no aroma or taste, which means it can’t transfer either to the water it contains. Also, unlike every other type of container used to serve or package beverages, glass is chemically inert. It’s not oxygen permeable, doesn’t degrade during the bottling process and, consequently, doesn’t impact the flavor of the water.

Excellent Insulator
Glass insulates better than aluminum, plastic or paper cartons. What does that mean? It means when you take your ice-cold glass bottle of Starkey Spring Water out of the fridge, it stays ice-cold longer than it would in other types of container.

Whether you’re motivated by ecological conscientiousness, aesthetic appeal or best flavor, Starkey Spring Water ticks all the boxes. It’s a great tasting, high quality and environmentally sound choice. So, here’s to making an excellent bottled water choice (sound of glass bottles clinking together). Cheers!