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No matter what time of year it is, hydration is important. During the hot summer months, many of us rarely leave our homes without a water bottle in hand. But during the wintertime, we often put our hydration on the backburner because we may not acknowledge the signs of dehydration as easily.

When it’s hot out, our sweat rate increases dramatically, so the demand for fluids can be apparent and extreme. Due to the dryness of the air in the wintertime, we rarely notice the early signs of mild dehydration. We tend to rely on external signifiers, such as sweat, to let us know when our bodies need water. Unfortunately, in the wintertime most don’t realize when they’re sweating as it evaporates quickly due to the dry air. The simple act of breathing in cold weather causes water loss, making it essential to remain consistent with water intake year-round.

Winter hydration is especially important for those participating in outdoor activities as the likeliness of dehydration is accelerated when we train or spend more time out in cooler weather. Staying hydrated while participating in rigorous activities will prevent your body from fatigue, exhaustion and cramping.

Not only is winter hydration important for athletes, but crucial as more people are susceptible to the common cold in the winter months. Consistent hydration allows our bodies to better combat viruses and infections, keeps our joints lubricated, delivers nutrients to our cells, keeps our organs functioning properly, and much more.

Wearing layers is important when it’s cold. It helps us stay warm and protects us from getting sick due to low temperatures, but when we bundle up our bodies work 10% to 40% more, causing an increase in sweat which contributes to water loss. The harder our bodies work, the more we have to replenish with nutrients and water!

Here are some tips to stay hydrated throughout the cold weather:

  1. Keep a bottle of Starkey Spring Water nearby at all times
  2. Eat water-based foods that help with hydration
  3. Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks that can cause dehydration
  4. Be aware of dehydration cues

Dehydration can easily sneak up on us during the wintertime. Combat dehydration by selecting Starkey Spring Water as your trusted companion year-round. The gentle alkaline water has an appealing and refreshing taste that will leave you wanting more.