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As we approach Valentine’s Day, many may be opting for a COVID-friendly night-in to celebrate the day of love. While it may be daunting to match the romantic ambiance of your favorite restaurant, it certainly can be done with a thoughtful and eye-catching tablescape.

A beautifully crafted tablescape will bring your guests together and create a picture-perfect moment you won’t forget. Whether you’re organizing a romantic night in for two, a family celebration, or even a Galentine’s day brunch, planning ahead is key.

Here are our three tips for decorating your Valentine’s Day table:

Incorporate small, yet meaningful details: Small yet intricated details are imperative in a table setting. Get inspired by the memories you and your significant other have made. Print pictures from your favorite travel memories, incorporate romantic candles or include thoughtful handwritten notes. These small gestures are sure to make the other person smile.

 Include fresh flowers: Have you ever noticed how a fresh bouquet of flowers changes the ambiance of a room? Adding flowers to your tablespace will provide much-needed color and liveliness to your setting. When planning a romantic night for two, consider a bouquet of long-stemmed red roses, peonies or ranunculus for that special someone in your life. For those planning a casual get-together with friends and family, options such as daisies, lilies or alstroemerias are guaranteed to brighten the room. Plus, the smell of freshly picked flowers will elevate the ambiance of your get together.

 Create an elegant and stylish centerpiece: Now, this is a crucial part of your tablespace. An eye-catching centerpiece complements the surrounding décor yet catches the eye of your partygoers. Fortunately for party planners, Starkey Spring Water comes in a 100% recyclable glass bottle that not only is crafted to keep you hydrated but also designed to bring your Valentine’s Day aesthetic to life.

The stylish yet sturdy solution will bring your tablescape to life and leave your guests impressed. Plus, the refreshingly crisp water pairs well with any food or alcoholic beverages that you plan to serve.

 Tip: After finishing a bottle of water, utilize the empty glass bottle as a decorative flower vase. It will especially complement a pair of long-stemmed red roses.

 A stunning tablescape doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming but does require planning and forethought. Cross two things off your planning list, water and décor, by selecting Starkey as your trusted companion for a romantic and unforgettable night-in.