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There’s so much to love about Earth Day—it’s an annual reminder to care about the planet we call home, educate ourselves on environmental issues and honor the achievements of the sustainability movement. At Starkey, we strive to live every day like it’s Earth Day.

From when rain falls in the Idaho Mountains to the moment you take your first sip, there are many environmental perks in every refreshing bottle of Starkey.

Sustainable from the Source
Starkey originates from natural springs at the foothills of the Idaho Mountains. Cold snow and rain infiltrate the surface, which is warmed by the earth’s interior. The water exists in a geothermal spring where the water rises naturally to the earth’s surface, so there is no need to pump the water from underground aquafers. The water naturally emerges from fissures in the basalt as pure, untouched, mineral-rich water, ready to be bottled.

There is no man-made process behind it—nature is our secret. We’re harnessing mother nature’s gift and bringing sustainable sourcing methods to your home.

 Low Impact Packaging

Starkey Spring Water is bottled in glass and BPA-free PET plastic, providing two convenient options to fit your lifestyle. Both are 100% recyclable, ensuring that you’re doing your part to lessen the impact to the planet. PET plastic is the easiest plastic to recycle and accepted at all recycling facilities.

Additionally, Starkey’s glass bottles can be upcycled into new jars, bottles, glasses and vases—the possibilities are limitless! You can take your creativity to the next level with paint, fresh flowers or a little bit of Mod Podge. Tag @starkeyspringwater in your crafting creations.