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Starkey Picnic
The sun is shining, flowers are in full bloom and picnic season has officially returned. When the temperature rises, there’s nothing quite as picturesque as unfurling a blanket on a lush green lawn and spending a few hours laughing with friends over a delicious meal.

However, packing the perfect picnic basket can be a daunting task. Luckily, all you need is a few staples in your basket to ensure a memorable and snafu-free day.

Consider Charcuterie
Elevate your afternoon with a charcuterie plate—your friends will be impressed, and it can be easily assembled when you reach your picnic destination. Many of the messiest elements, like olives, jams or pickles, are already conveniently packaged in bottles, which makes them ideal for picnicking. We recommend 365 by Whole Foods Market brand—they’re the ultimate balance of savings and luxury.

Purchase your cheeses and meats pre-wrapped at the store, so they’re ready to slice upon arrival. Pack a crusty baguette, and you’re ready to go.

Prepare Compact Snacks
The internet is a treasure trove for travel-friendly snacks. From homemade energy bars to prepared pasta salads, there are countless recipes that will add a personalized touch to your next picnic.

 One of our favorite tips: muffin tin eggs. By creating miniature omelets in convenient muffin shapes and sizes, you’re bringing the magic of Sunday brunch to your picnic blanket. Each muffin can be customized with your guests’ favorite veggies, cheeses and meats.

Stay Hydrated!
With warmer weather upon us, nothing brings down the mood of a picnic quite like realizing you forgot a hydrating beverage. Don’t worry Starkey is here to save the day. Served in elegant and sustainable glass bottles, Starkey fits the vibe of a relaxing summer afternoon.

 Bring lemon slices and a few sprigs of mint to add a refreshing twist to your water. Cheers!