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The Benefits of Glass Are Crystal Clear

— Starkey Stories — THE BENEFITS OF GLASSARE CRYSTAL CLEAR There are a lot of things we love about Starkey Spring Water. It comes from an ancient geothermal spring located right here in the United States in the Imnaha Basalt of Southwest Idaho. The spring is more than...

Staying Hydrated While at Altitude

— Starkey Stories — STAYING HYDRATEDWHILE AT ALTITUDE  When you travel from sea level to higher altitude, friendly locals will give you the good advice to drink tons of water while you’re there. It’s absolutely true that we need to drink much more water at higher...

Good Hydration for Optimum Fitness

— Starkey Stories — GOOD HYDRATIONFOR OPTIMIUM FITNESS We’ve all heard that drinking plenty of water is crucial to optimum fitness. Before, during and after workouts, trainings and competitions, our bodies need to be well-hydrated to perform at their best. Everybody...