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 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Starkey Spring Water? Starkey Spring Water is single-source geothermal spring water with a naturally occurring 9.2 pH. This special water is lightly mineralized as it rises from two miles deep through volcanic basalt, where its quality has been preserved for 11,000 years. With its deliciously refreshing flavor, Starkey Spring Water is deep down good.


Where does Starkey Spring Water come from? Starkey Spring Water gushes forth from a geothermal spring in the Idaho Mountains. When you take a sip, you’re enjoying water that fell as rain or snow more than 11,000 years ago. From there it slowly made its way into the Earth through the Imnaha Basalt — a volcanic formation more than 2.5 million years old. There the water stayed, 2.2 miles down, gently working its way through the rock around it. Over thousands of years, heat and pressure forced it back up through cracks and fissures in the basalt. Untouched by surface contamination, Starkey Spring Water emerges in our Spring House lightly mineralized and deliciously refreshing.


What does it mean for Starkey Spring Water to be alkaline? Alkalinity is a measure of the substances in water that have the ability to neutralize acid, meaning that they react with and lower acidity (thereby increasing pH). Drinking water usually has a neutral pH of about 7. Anything above that is considered alkaline. There are two ways water becomes alkaline: naturally, by coming into contact with mineral rock, either through streams or springs; or through treatment with an appliance called an ionizer, which separates the acidic and alkaline components of the water by electrolysis. Starkey Spring Water has a gently high pH of 9.2. It emerges from the spring source at this level and is not man-made.


What does it mean for Starkey Spring Water to be geothermal spring water? The FDA, the governmental agency that regulates bottled water, defines spring water as “water derived from an underground formation from which water flows naturally to the surface of the Earth.” Spring water must be collected only at the spring, so it is naturally free of chemicals or contaminants, but may still be filtered to remove unwanted natural particles. Starkey Spring Water is specifically geothermal spring water because the spring is fed by cold rain and snow that infiltrates deep into the surface and is then warmed up by heat in the Earth’s interior. This interaction of heat and rock naturally imparts light minerals and electrolytes into the water.


What does it mean for Starkey Spring Water to be lightly mineralized? Starkey Spring Water is lightly mineralized with trace amounts of total dissolved solids. These are naturally occurring minerals that come from the Starkey Spring source and are not added later in the bottling process. They help support the water’s refreshing flavor and add nutritive value.


Do you filter Starkey Spring Water? Starkey Spring Water is collected as it comes out of the Earth. To offer it to you in its natural state, we disinfect it with UV light and pass it through micron filters to remove unwanted particles. All of our water also undergoes a proprietary process to remove the naturally occurring arsenic to nearly undetectable levels.


Is there arsenic in my Starkey Spring Water? Arsenic is a naturally occurring substance that is widely found in soil, water and almost all plant and animal life, including the human body. Bottled water products that come from groundwater sources, such as spring water, may contain naturally occurring arsenic. Starkey Spring Water meets requirements set by the FDA, the governmental agency that regulates bottled water, for arsenic. The FDA standard for arsenic in bottled water is 10 parts per billion (ppb), a limit that was set based on scientific research to protect public health. Your Starkey Spring Water has been filtered so as to reduce the naturally occurring arsenic to 0.002 MMDL, starting with products with a best by date of 9/22/22.


Are my Starkey Spring Water bottles recyclable? Absolutely. Starkey Spring Water’s glass and PET plastic bottles are 100% recyclable. Our glass bottles can be recycled endlessly — repeatedly made into new bottles, jars, glasses, or vases. Our plastic bottles are BPA-free and made from PET, the most recyclable plastic available. We offer both to meet the needs of our drinkers. We understand that customers can’t always bring glass to where they are going (events, parks, etc.)


Is Starkey Spring Water made sustainably? As the Starkey Spring is located in Idaho, in the heart of the United States, our bottling and shipping process creates a much smaller carbon footprint than single source waters imported from Europe or faraway tropical islands. There is no drilling involved in sourcing our deliciously refreshing water — it all comes straight from the natural geothermal spring.


Where can I buy Starkey Spring Water? Starkey Spring Water is available throughout the USA at Whole Foods Market stores. Starkey Spring Water is also available for purchase online at Amazon Fresh in many locations throughout the USA and directly on our website (PET plastic bottles only) at starkeywater.com.


What size bottles can I purchase Starkey Spring Water in? Starkey Spring Water can be purchased in 1-liter or 500 ml glass bottles, or 1-liter BPA-free PET plastic bottles. Twelve packs of 1-liter plastic bottles are also available.


Where can I find more information about what’s in my Starkey Spring Water? Starkey Spring Water is tested yearly by NSF International and is in compliance for all FDA regulated substances. In addition, every batch of water is triple-tested for quality — at the spring source, once it arrives at the bottling facility and once it is bottled. Consumers who want to know more about what is in their Starkey Spring Water can view our annual water quality reports (prepared by an independent agency, Compliance Designs) at https://starkeywater.com/.