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— The Spring —


Folks have been coming to Starkey Springs since the 1800s, on horseback and railcar, just to be at the source. Set in the foothills of the Idaho Mountains, Starkey Spring Water gushes forth from an ancient geothermal spring near the Weiser River. 


The springs have a long history, having first been discovered by Native Americans. In the 1800s, settlers sought its mineral-rich, healing waters, on horseback from neighboring counties or by railcar from hundreds of miles away. The springs bear the name of Dr. Richard S. Starkey, M.D., who set about turning it into a “true health and pleasure resort” in the early 1900s. It had been under private ownership until 2013 when Starkey Spring Water Company emerged, bringing the goodness of this wonderful natural gift to you.

The pool at the old resort.


When you take a sip, you’re enjoying water that fell as rain or snow in the surrounding mountains more than 11,000 years ago. From there it slowly made its way into the earth, penetrating the Imnaha Basalt-a volcanic formation more than 2.5 million years old. There the water stayed, 2.2 miles down, gently working its way through the rock around it. Over thousands of years, heat and pressure forced it back up through cracks and fissures in the basalt, Untouched by surface contamination, Starkey Spring Water emerges in our Spring House pure, lightly mineralized and silky smooth.

Starkey Spring Water gushes forth from exposed rock, an ancient geothermal spring in the mountains.


Starkey Spring Water is collected as it comes out of the earth. To offer it to you in its natural state, we minimally process it with a pass through ultraviolet light as required by law. Then we bottle it in glass or BPA-free PET plastic, providing options that best fit your lifestyle.